You have a story about the sneaker, and I have the sneaker custom-made you want.

   We are a custom studio specializing in secondary creation through the medium of sneaker.

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We are a group of sneaker custom lovers.

After graduation, we are just as confused as other college students, so we get together and decide to start our hobby as a career. So I want to tell you that you should pursue what you like when you are young. Hobbies can also become careers.



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Shoes custom field, has formed a certain scale in the market at present.
From the familiar arenas of the NBA to the wider arenas of the NFL, more and more players are choosing to wear customized boots for specific days, games and times.

With the continuous development of the current Sneaker culture, even the co-branded and limited-edition shoes emerge in an endless stream, but these popular products which have become normal cannot satisfy the “appetite” of sneakerheads.

Thus, Custom Sneaker culture was born and gradually became a new trend in the Sneaker circle. In recent years, we have seen the likes of Mache, Dominic Ciambrone, Huy Le and others refresh the traditional image of sneaker with their high-quality work.

For me, the first thing I notice when I look at a person is the shoes, and then the clothes and all that. Sneakers are a good place to start. You can tell a lot about his shoes, traits, personality, likes and things like that.

We are a custom studio specializing in secondary creation through the medium of sneaker.

HZP Buzz Lightyear theme
No matter on the foot or collection is a very good choice this use of 3D digital printing transfer process to improve the pattern adhesion firm.

Olivia Holmes

DUNK Cashew flower cross theme

AF1 Spiders of the Animal world

It has to be said that this kind of customization is the most true state. Everyone makes their own unique modifications and expresses their attitude on their beloved shoes.