Customize the duration period

      The maximum customization period shall not exceed 15 working days, and the average customization period shall be completed within 3-7 working days. 


How to clean the customized shoes?

  Customized products have daily waterproof ability, such as dirty need to be cleaned, please use a clean sponge and water wipe.


Other matters needing attention

      Once our customized products are determined to be customized, if the cancellation is confirmed midway, we need to pay 50% of the hourly fee. Once the finished products are completed, they will not be returned or replaced.

I Wanna Try Now!

      Custom shoes generally need “design idea – to film – draft – color spray – do protection treatment” such a minister.
      In fact, shoes customization is not a fixed gameplay, any creative transformation on the shoes can be said to be shoes customization, depending on your creativity.

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